Monday, January 18, 2016

Who Is Your Own Soldier?

Sometimes when I write, even though I have to burn candle in the
middle of the night to write at times, I ask myself, is anybody
reading these stuffs at all?
Then an inner voice always tells me there is one person down there who
is always inspired by your article. An inner voice still tells me
those who ignore what you write today will one day come across your
write up in the future and come to realize the power in your article.

Are you one of those who ignore my articles? Please, don't ignore this.
I don't write to impress you, I don't write to "show" myself...this is
why 100% of my article is not "copy and paste". I write to you from my
heart. So, I title this, DARE TO WIN::::
I have always thought winning is always meant for those who are in a
war front or a battle. Until I come to realize that coming to this
world alone is a battle.

We battle to be successful in life, we battle to survive against all
odds, we battle to win a competition just like politicians battle to
win election, in the class, we battle for a post, highest marks, in
our homes; we battle to be the breadwinner. What a world!

No one can be successful in life without winning these battles, and
only those who dare to win can overcome the battle of life. But the
question is...what can we do to win the battle of success in life?
As I have always told a friend of mine David, I said "No soldier wins
a battle alone"...this also applies to success. If you want to be
successful in life, FIND YOUR OWN SOLDIER.

Your soldier is someone who will lift you up in life, BankyW was
Wizkid's soldier, Olamide was LilKesh's Soldier, Coach John Obu was
Mikel Obi's soldier....who is your own soldier?

You may find your own soldier, but what are you going to offer your
own soldier for him to help you? Wizkid, LilKesh, Mikel Obi all had
something to offer their own soldiers, and that is their skills and
So my friend, do you really want to win this war, called "Success"?
Follow this step.

*Have a skill or talent and develop it.

*Move around people who are in need your skills or people that will be
helpful to your career.

*You must WIN.

Many people have told you several times that life is all about being
patient, and what you want will definitely be yours in abundance. But
I say, being patient is good, but chasing what you want is better.

Good things come to those who wait; better things come to those who
chase don't wait, don't stop. You must win this battle, go ahead and
achieve your
purpose in life. If you believe, let me hear you say "I am a winner".

As written by Genius (menzo4u)
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  1. I can relate with the early part of this post. The early days of blogging is like a teacher lecturing in an empty classroom. You need not give up, one day your hard work will be rewarded with massive traffic.
    I agree with you, if we really want to succeed in life, we need a mentor and we must be willing to chase our dreams ruthlessly. keep posting.