Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Attitude Concealers

During my national youth service year, I met one awesome lady and a powerful singer, she had well noticeable spots on her face as we all stayed in the family house for some time. She just returned from weeks off in Lagos, during our
special program the next day, I observed that this lady's spot all cleared, not even one could be seen. She was like that church without spots or wrinkles.

I had to meet her after service and ask her some questions so I could learn
the secrets and use it to combat my little spots too. "please which soap and cream are you using, your face looks too sparkling" I asked. "It is not soap o, it's make up, a very costly one, by tomorrow
my face will return to normal" she told me. I later learnt that this is called CONCEALER, you apply them to cover your spots but not to remove them.

It dawn on me that many people, ladies and gents inclusive have decided not to deal with their flaws but to apply concealers on them.
People appear in public functions and talk, they appear in church and
testify, meet them after the event to exchange contacts with them and they wow you the more, you fall in love with them instantly, You want to be like them, to marry them at the spot but you don't
know they applied CONCEALERS.

They haven't dealt with their anger.
They haven't dealt with their greed.
They haven't dealt with vulgar words.
They haven't dealt with lies.

After Some days, you relate with them and you ask "is this the one I met"?

They only covered them with beautiful concealers of great smiles and touching words.

Concealers are good for facial make up.
Concealers are bad for character make up.

Stop using concealers on your attitude problems. If you know you got some flaws. Deal with it, apply severe methods that will wipe it out than conceal it.

Concealers are short-lived.
A relationship built on concealer appearance suffers day by day because
it's not real Grace

Written by: Ugwu Chinaecherem
from Ogwuche Abel

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