Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome to Ogwuche Abel's Blog

After a great deal of Thinking,Reading and Learning I decided to create this Blog not Just for creating sake but to enable me share and pass out things I have learnt that I felt other youths should learn also.

Before I continue let me quickly Introduce myself, I'm Ogwuche Abel Ofuoweicho, I hail from Benue state Nigeria, I am a Lover of music mostly Rnb,Blues and Reggae,and I play the piano keyboard. With that being said I believe you now have a basic idea of who I am now.

So like I said before my main intention for creating this page is to enlighten my fellow youths about things that we don't know or things we know and we don't take serious. Though most of what I will Publish here might be what I copied or culled out of other peoples Articles/ book but it won't change my purpose/intention which is to pass out quality messages, which I believe we the youths of this generation needs and I will always give credits to the original Authors.

Thanks for reading and once again welcome to my page. - Ogwuche Abel Ofuoweicho.
from Ogwuche Abel