Thursday, January 28, 2016


Nature has blessed mankind so much that even smallest of creature has one or two things it can teach him.

According to Proverbs 6:7-8, ants where described as: "having no guide, overseer or ruler, but provideth her meat in the summer and gathereth her food in the harvest". So, what can ants teach?

INSPIRATION; The ant does not have a leader but it knows what to do at the right time. It does not wait until someone, somewhere uses a horse whip to make it realize that it is time to start gathering food.
The ant would not wait for its mother to tell it to do so. You want to do anything and it seems like you are not getting the right people around you to " ginger" you, then you need to take up your cross. If you continue waiting for someone , somewhere to "push" you before taking a step in the right direction, then you might as well wait for ages; forget about it! Don't allow the wind of approval
syndrome to blow away your dreams and goals. Be self-inspired, go ahead and take that bold step!


Ants have the unique attribute of planning ahead of time. They know that at a time, food would be plenty but also know that the period of plenty would not last for ages. They gather the food
scrums for the lean period, a time where they might find it difficult to got out due to changing weather conditions. I would say that the ants know that if they don't plan, they are planning to fail. You need to plan ahead. You must take the future into cognizance while you live today.

An unplanned life is a like a boat at the sea tossed to and fro. Where do you want to be in 10 years time and how would you achieve that.

When you see ants, there are always carrying one crumb of food or the other. You rarely see them idle; doing nothing. They are always busy; working to ensure that things are in order. Never embrace laziness and use spirituality as a smoke-screen. You are meant to be hard-working and committed to doing your job, never minding the distractions that manifest in diverse ways.

Even from the creation story in Gen: 1, you would agree with me that The Almighty God is diligent. When you give diligence a sit in your work/duty, it gives you a room in the palace of Kings! Whatever your hand findeth doing, do it well. Embrace diligence, court and marry her and you would give birth to promotion.

Whenever I am privileged to see these minute creature, my heart leaps for joy at their determination and doggedness at doing tasks which are difficult when you put into cognizance their small nature.
These ants can carry/"demolish" anything, no matter how big it looks. You ask yourself how they would succeed in falling the mountain of food particle. They will continue to nimble on such a
food item, though it might take time, but before you know it, they would have leveled the mountainous item.

When you are determined, you can break the back of any task, no matter how difficult it seems. Determination is the oil that lubricates the wheel of success and the leveler of the mountain of impossibility and difficulty. When you ride on the winds of determination, nothing stops you from achieving anything .You must pursue your vision with determination as a guide.

Daunting tasks become simple when you spice it with a dint of determination.
Go to the ants, borrow a leaf from her determined efforts to biting off a mountainous crumb of food inspite of her small nature. You don't have to butcher that vision on the altar of "daunting task", apply determination.

Ants aptly fit in to the biblical axiom that a three fold cord is not easily broken. Whenever they want to move a particle of food, they gather it and start taking it one after the other.
All of them work. together to do a job and it makes the job easier for them. Therein lies the power of unity! Man cannot exist in isolation. He is a social being and thus longs to be in the company of others. At
every point Life, you need others to help you make a dream become reality. No matter how highly or lowly placed you are, you still need others to live.

If God is going to help you, He uses humans; that is others to do such.
So, you should make a conscious effort to network with the right people. That challenge might be has a solution at the door of the neighbor next door!
Don't live in an island, you need others to help you get to your dream land!

LIFE ACT: Look within yourself and find out areas that you need to apply these salient lessons from nature.

MEDITATION POINT: " Go to the ant…consider her ways and be wise "Proverb 6:6".


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