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How to become a world changer

According to the Urban dictionary; A world changer is someone who knows and see's the broken-ness in this world, and strives to change that.

The above definition points out three major factors, the first is that a world changer see's (Realizes) the broken-ness or problems, the second is that he/she strives to change or fix the broken-ness.
The third is the a world changer see's the broken-ness not just in his home or locality,country  or continent alone but all over the world. From inception the world has had great world changers that shock the world with their innovation, power, dedication and willingness to do this. Below is a list containing few names out of thousands that have made positive impact in the world.

1; Jesus Christ (c.5BC – 30AD) Spiritual
Teacher, central figure of Christianity.

2; Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865) President of US during civil war, helped end slavery.

3; Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013) Anti-
apartheid leader. First President of democratic South Africa in 1994.

4; Sir Isaac Newton (1642 – 1727) English mathematician and scientist.

 Like I said the  list above contains only a few names out of thousands who have played major roles in changing the world, You can read more about their contributions to the world on Google or other search engines.

At this point I believe we now know who a World Changer is and what a World Changer does. Now let's focus on the topic of this article "How to Become a World Changer". 
Becoming a World Changer requires a great deal of commitment,dedication and selfless service to humanity. The following guides will show how you can become a world leader.

1. Ask Yourself Why and What You would like to change in the world; there is no way we can achieve any goal without having a purpose for setting the goal. So before you embark on this journey of becoming a world changer ask yourself why you want to be a world changer, is it so you could get famous or because you really want to make the world a better place.  

2. Make Researches; for one to change the world,he/she need to know a lot about the world. There is no way you can be a world changer if you don't know the world or the problems in it that needs to be fixed. So the first step to being a world changer is Making lots of Research.

3. Make Positive Impact in the lives of People; to be a world changer you also need to be an impact maker. You need to give selfless service to humanity.

4. Commitment and Dedication; in life it is never possible to achieve any goal without being committed. I have seen a lot of people set goals but then fail to achieve them because they lack commitment and dedication. So for you to become a world changer you need to be committed and dedicated.

5. God Factor; as a Christian, I personally believe nothing is possible without God intervention. So in what ever you do put God first.

Friday, January 29, 2016

7 Secrets Of Scoring 280 And Above In JAMB

It baffles me a lot whenever I meet with Jambites who struggle to score barely 200 in JAMB. I begin to ask myself, "What is so difficult about JAMB that lots of students struggle with it?" From my
findings, I discovered that lots of students are not knowledgeable about how to pass JAMB and pass it very well.

It is not as difficult as most students think. As a result of this, I decided to come up with this write-up which I titled "7 Secrets of getting 280 and above in JAMB." The seven secrets are discussed

1. Set a Target
Personally, I believe that there is nothing
impossible that one cannot achieve. In scoring 280 and above in UTME exam, the first step is for you to believe you can achieve and set a target on the score you want to have in the end of the day.

Overtime, I have observed that most students do not have a specific score they want to have in the JAMB. All they do is just to read without a specific
target. However, I always encourage Jambites to set very high score as their target. Setting a target will help you to be focused on what you want to achieve in the exam.

2. Study smart
It is not all about studying hard; it is about studying smart. Kindly get the JAMB syllabus and past questions, study closely to identify the core topics JAMB often repeat year in year out. If you can study those topics very well, I think the
job is half way done. Also, understand your study pattern and not emulate friends. I used to have friends who loved drinking lots of water whenever they were studying. Hence, it is left for you to learn to study smart in preparing for the exam.

3. Practice
I remember practicing my JAMB past questions up to a point where I knew almost all the answers off hand. I had different forms of past questions for
every of my subjects. What I am trying to point out is it is very important for you to practice very closely especially the JAMB past question because it will expose you to the patterns of questions set by JAMB. Also it has been proven over time that
JAMB repeats questions from previous years. You can be fortunate to come across such questions during your exam.

4. Do not cheat
The prevalent thing among Jambites is relying on different forms of examination malpractices to score very high in the exam. But unfortunately for them, they end up having very low scores despite
the exam malpractices.

If you want to indeed score 280 and above in JAMB and eventually gain the much-desired admission, stay away from exam malpractices before, during and after the exam. Funny enough, majority of courses taken by year-one students are topics selected from JAMB syllabus. So if you fail to study now, if you still encounter those topics even after you gained admission through the back door.

5. Rest
I know this point may seem unnecessary to you, but it is of great importance if you truly want to perform very well in your UTME exam. The problem most studious students do have is their inability to set out time to have some rest. The human brain is often stressed a lot by constant

Hence, it is advisable for you to always take intermittent rest. It looks so funny to me whenever I meet students who study all night a day to their JAMB exam. To me, such study places sheer pressure on them. A day to your JAMB exam is for
you to take out time to rest and ruminate on what you have studied over time.

6. Gist with Friends
The popular saying that 'no man is an Island' is applicable in this situation. As a jambites do not isolate yourself. Make friends with fellow Jambites and exchange ideas with them because you can never know everything on your own. However, do not make friends with the dullards who would draw you back all in the name of making friends; make friends with those you will learn a great deal

I remember when I was preparing for JAMB in 2011, I encountered a group of guys at the public library where I used to study. These guys were very intelligent and I learnt a lot from them. Aside
learning from friends, making good friends helps you to be abreast with any latest rumours or news about the exam. I know a lot of people who could have performed very well in JAMB if they had been exposed to timely information.

7. God factor
The God-factor can never be ruled out. In
everything you do, put God first. The bare truth is you need God's direction when preparing to score 280 and above in JAMB. As a matter of fact, such feat is attainable even without any "special centre" during the exam. Personally, I do not support or encourage students to enroll for "Special centre" for exams; I always believe in merit.


from Ogwuche Abel

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Nature has blessed mankind so much that even smallest of creature has one or two things it can teach him.

According to Proverbs 6:7-8, ants where described as: "having no guide, overseer or ruler, but provideth her meat in the summer and gathereth her food in the harvest". So, what can ants teach?

INSPIRATION; The ant does not have a leader but it knows what to do at the right time. It does not wait until someone, somewhere uses a horse whip to make it realize that it is time to start gathering food.
The ant would not wait for its mother to tell it to do so. You want to do anything and it seems like you are not getting the right people around you to " ginger" you, then you need to take up your cross. If you continue waiting for someone , somewhere to "push" you before taking a step in the right direction, then you might as well wait for ages; forget about it! Don't allow the wind of approval
syndrome to blow away your dreams and goals. Be self-inspired, go ahead and take that bold step!


Ants have the unique attribute of planning ahead of time. They know that at a time, food would be plenty but also know that the period of plenty would not last for ages. They gather the food
scrums for the lean period, a time where they might find it difficult to got out due to changing weather conditions. I would say that the ants know that if they don't plan, they are planning to fail. You need to plan ahead. You must take the future into cognizance while you live today.

An unplanned life is a like a boat at the sea tossed to and fro. Where do you want to be in 10 years time and how would you achieve that.

When you see ants, there are always carrying one crumb of food or the other. You rarely see them idle; doing nothing. They are always busy; working to ensure that things are in order. Never embrace laziness and use spirituality as a smoke-screen. You are meant to be hard-working and committed to doing your job, never minding the distractions that manifest in diverse ways.

Even from the creation story in Gen: 1, you would agree with me that The Almighty God is diligent. When you give diligence a sit in your work/duty, it gives you a room in the palace of Kings! Whatever your hand findeth doing, do it well. Embrace diligence, court and marry her and you would give birth to promotion.

Whenever I am privileged to see these minute creature, my heart leaps for joy at their determination and doggedness at doing tasks which are difficult when you put into cognizance their small nature.
These ants can carry/"demolish" anything, no matter how big it looks. You ask yourself how they would succeed in falling the mountain of food particle. They will continue to nimble on such a
food item, though it might take time, but before you know it, they would have leveled the mountainous item.

When you are determined, you can break the back of any task, no matter how difficult it seems. Determination is the oil that lubricates the wheel of success and the leveler of the mountain of impossibility and difficulty. When you ride on the winds of determination, nothing stops you from achieving anything .You must pursue your vision with determination as a guide.

Daunting tasks become simple when you spice it with a dint of determination.
Go to the ants, borrow a leaf from her determined efforts to biting off a mountainous crumb of food inspite of her small nature. You don't have to butcher that vision on the altar of "daunting task", apply determination.

Ants aptly fit in to the biblical axiom that a three fold cord is not easily broken. Whenever they want to move a particle of food, they gather it and start taking it one after the other.
All of them work. together to do a job and it makes the job easier for them. Therein lies the power of unity! Man cannot exist in isolation. He is a social being and thus longs to be in the company of others. At
every point Life, you need others to help you make a dream become reality. No matter how highly or lowly placed you are, you still need others to live.

If God is going to help you, He uses humans; that is others to do such.
So, you should make a conscious effort to network with the right people. That challenge might be has a solution at the door of the neighbor next door!
Don't live in an island, you need others to help you get to your dream land!

LIFE ACT: Look within yourself and find out areas that you need to apply these salient lessons from nature.

MEDITATION POINT: " Go to the ant…consider her ways and be wise "Proverb 6:6".


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Attitude Concealers

During my national youth service year, I met one awesome lady and a powerful singer, she had well noticeable spots on her face as we all stayed in the family house for some time. She just returned from weeks off in Lagos, during our
special program the next day, I observed that this lady's spot all cleared, not even one could be seen. She was like that church without spots or wrinkles.

I had to meet her after service and ask her some questions so I could learn
the secrets and use it to combat my little spots too. "please which soap and cream are you using, your face looks too sparkling" I asked. "It is not soap o, it's make up, a very costly one, by tomorrow
my face will return to normal" she told me. I later learnt that this is called CONCEALER, you apply them to cover your spots but not to remove them.

It dawn on me that many people, ladies and gents inclusive have decided not to deal with their flaws but to apply concealers on them.
People appear in public functions and talk, they appear in church and
testify, meet them after the event to exchange contacts with them and they wow you the more, you fall in love with them instantly, You want to be like them, to marry them at the spot but you don't
know they applied CONCEALERS.

They haven't dealt with their anger.
They haven't dealt with their greed.
They haven't dealt with vulgar words.
They haven't dealt with lies.

After Some days, you relate with them and you ask "is this the one I met"?

They only covered them with beautiful concealers of great smiles and touching words.

Concealers are good for facial make up.
Concealers are bad for character make up.

Stop using concealers on your attitude problems. If you know you got some flaws. Deal with it, apply severe methods that will wipe it out than conceal it.

Concealers are short-lived.
A relationship built on concealer appearance suffers day by day because
it's not real Grace

Written by: Ugwu Chinaecherem
from Ogwuche Abel

Stop Dreaming Start Doing

The world is full of dreamers but few doers.
The purpose of this article is to inform you that dream alone does not guarantee success; action must be taken for dream to become a reality.

Do you have a dream? If you do, what are your plans to implement your dream? The truth is that we all have dreams, so having a dream is not a big deal. It is an indisputable fact that dream is the foundation of all achievements. I explain how this works in my article, how your thoughts create destiny. Dream is only
one of the steps in activating success.

Other members of the success system must be applied in order for dream to become a reality.

Yeah we all have dreams. It is high time we stopped talking about our dreams. I want to be this, I want to be that. I want to do this, I want to do that. The question is when are you going to begin?

When I Become a Big Boy Shiv Khera, the author of " you can win" shared a
popular story in his book about a little boy who says when I become a big boy I will do this and this and I will be happy.

And when he becomes a big boy he says when I finish college and do this and this I will be happy. And when he finishes college he says when I get my first job I will do this and this and I will be happy. And when he gets his first job he says when I get married I will do this and this and I will be happy. And when he gets married he says when the kids get out
of school and I do this and this I will be happy. And when the kids get out of
school he says when I retire and do this and this I will be happy. And when he
retires what does he see? He sees life has gone by in front of his eyes.

This story sounds funny right? The truth is that our attitude most of the times to our dreams is not different from that of this little boy. We always believe or think that certain things must be in place
before we can live our dreams, and even if the conditions are met we look for
another excuse. We keep hipping up excuses until we end up doing nothing about our dreams.

It is high time you stopped dreaming and start taking the right step to becoming the person of your dream. What is the benefit of a great dream that does not see the light of the day? No matter how novel your dream is, you will never be celebrated for it until you make it a
reality. Only doers and achievers are celebrated. You can never build a great life and good reputation on dreams and mere intentions. You must take
action. Greatness is not for dreamers and wishers, it is for doers.

Let us follow the example of martin Luther king Jr who says in his I have a dream speech that "I have a dream
that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be
judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character."
His dream was a lofty one indeed, He didn't just dream and abandon his dream, he applied action in the direction of his dream. Though the dream cost him is life, it eventually became a reality. If not for his dream, Barack Obama may not have the opportunity of becoming the president of the United State of America today.

You can change your life and change the world if only you can make effort to make your dream a reality.

Stop dreaming today and start doing.

Written by Taiwo Emayosanlomo

from Ogwuche Abel

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Let me take you on a journey....

A journey into the world of the successful people, by being successful, I do not necessarily mean those who are rich, but people who have made a lot of impact in life.

Do you know Ashish Thakkar? Currently at the age of 31. He was once a victim of genocide from Rwanda, despite his challenges, he relocated to Uganda and started off his IT Business. Today he is Africa's youngest billionaire.
Are you doubting my statement? Google is your friend dear.

Do you know Jason Njoku? Before he became successful, he attempted and failed in many businesses 11 times, before getting the idea of running a business like IROKOTV which takes Nollywood movies to the online platform. Today, he is worth millions of dollars.
Are you doubting my statement? Google is your friend dear.

Do you know Linda Ikeji? She started up as a waitress during her university days, she later discovered the opportunities in the world of blogging and today, she has her mansion in Banana Island, she is in money,
Are you doubting my statement? Google is your friend dear.

Do you know Seun Osewa? He is the founder of the arguably number one online forum in Africa, Nairaland. Despite attempting many businesses and failed, he still never gave up on his dream.

Do you know what all these people have in common? Perseverence*Determination*Zeal*Action Do you possess all the qualities above?

What you should learn:
All the people above are all in their 30s, imagine the feet they have reached in life, despite their challenges, they never made excuses, but went ahead to go beyond their predicaments and made it in life.
My friend, are you still waiting? Are you still complaining? If these people mentioned above can make it, what stops you? Go ahead and find the opportunities, explore the problem in your
environment and use it to make your wealth.

In every adversity, lies an opportunity.

As written by Genius
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Monday, January 18, 2016

Who Is Your Own Soldier?

Sometimes when I write, even though I have to burn candle in the
middle of the night to write at times, I ask myself, is anybody
reading these stuffs at all?
Then an inner voice always tells me there is one person down there who
is always inspired by your article. An inner voice still tells me
those who ignore what you write today will one day come across your
write up in the future and come to realize the power in your article.

Are you one of those who ignore my articles? Please, don't ignore this.
I don't write to impress you, I don't write to "show" myself...this is
why 100% of my article is not "copy and paste". I write to you from my
heart. So, I title this, DARE TO WIN::::
I have always thought winning is always meant for those who are in a
war front or a battle. Until I come to realize that coming to this
world alone is a battle.

We battle to be successful in life, we battle to survive against all
odds, we battle to win a competition just like politicians battle to
win election, in the class, we battle for a post, highest marks, in
our homes; we battle to be the breadwinner. What a world!

No one can be successful in life without winning these battles, and
only those who dare to win can overcome the battle of life. But the
question is...what can we do to win the battle of success in life?
As I have always told a friend of mine David, I said "No soldier wins
a battle alone"...this also applies to success. If you want to be
successful in life, FIND YOUR OWN SOLDIER.

Your soldier is someone who will lift you up in life, BankyW was
Wizkid's soldier, Olamide was LilKesh's Soldier, Coach John Obu was
Mikel Obi's soldier....who is your own soldier?

You may find your own soldier, but what are you going to offer your
own soldier for him to help you? Wizkid, LilKesh, Mikel Obi all had
something to offer their own soldiers, and that is their skills and
So my friend, do you really want to win this war, called "Success"?
Follow this step.

*Have a skill or talent and develop it.

*Move around people who are in need your skills or people that will be
helpful to your career.

*You must WIN.

Many people have told you several times that life is all about being
patient, and what you want will definitely be yours in abundance. But
I say, being patient is good, but chasing what you want is better.

Good things come to those who wait; better things come to those who
chase don't wait, don't stop. You must win this battle, go ahead and
achieve your
purpose in life. If you believe, let me hear you say "I am a winner".

As written by Genius (menzo4u)
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


It is high time we gave another definition to the term "education". To some people, education borders on going to school, acquiring degrees and working for a
company to earn a salary at the end of the month.
My dear readers, education goes beyond acquiring certificate, "we must redefine education"....
Education teaches you about how to make rules,break rules, and challenge an ongoing trend, school teaches you about how to follow rules, live by the rules, and live an ongoing trend unchallenged, thereby limiting that power of creativity in you. Have you witnessed a scenario whereby you asked a Mathematics lecturer about how he arrived at a certain
formula, and he tells you "that is how it is done"?, and mind you, if you do anything FAIL his exam, therefore you must follow the rules.

A truly educated man is he who has developed the faculties of his mind to follow his passion, find solutions where there are problems without following the rules, but creates his own ways through
his deep imagination to achieve his dreams.
Checkout most of the world's richest people today, they are mostly school dropouts. Do you think they are not educated because they are school dropouts? Far from it! They are really educated in their own ways, they simply decided to build their own dreams
rather than allow themselves to be hired by other people to build theirs.

So many people spend their precious years in school only to end up acquiring certificate NOT education.

Examples of these people include:
1) People who don't practice what they learn in school before graduation.

*As a student of Computer Science, how many codes have you written that worked? Have you been able to (in reality) write a program that solves the problem of an organization?

*As a student of Business Administration, how many businesses have you started? How many times have you experienced failure in business, and rise again?

So, are you putting what you are learning in school into practice? The school will not give or teach you these orientation but education will.

2)People who have no SKILLS...successful people don't depend on the government of their country to provide jobs for them. A truly educated person has skills, an uneducated fellow can only boast of his
certificate without any skills to back it up.

True education lies in the ability to solve problems with the skills you possess.

what are you waiting for? STAND UP NOW, do not procrastinate, learn a
skill you are passionate about.
What am I advocating?
This write up is not in anyway articulated to undermine the importance of schooling...Going to school is very important but our mindset about
school is what we are advised to change.

As written by Genius
Dedicated to all Nigerian students

from Ogwuche Abel

Is Your Dream Alive?


The road seems too rough, the journey seems so tedious, the vision appears to be unattainable. There seems to be so much beauty in that dream, but it all
seems to be in imagination not in reality.
This question goes specially to you.


How many plans did you set last year, on academics, skills acquisition, finances among others? How many were you able to accomplish?


Many people are alive but their dreams are not alive. Show me a tree which grows without any fruit; and I will show you a man who lives without his
dream alive.
A day is coming, that young man will become an old man waiting in his bed to pass on to his ancestor, and his dream will walk in slowly in pity, and ask him, "why did you not realize me?","why did you not bring me to live?".
And this man will respond with excuses saying, " there was no time, I came from a poor background, my country is not good"....and the he dies with his dream.

The man forgets that....
Fashola was not born into a rich background, yet he became the governor of Lagos State.Blessing Okagbare is setting records in the world of athletics, yet she has 24Hours in a day just like him. Seun Osewa of Nairaland is a millionaire before the age of 30, yet he lives in the same Nigeria as you.

The list is countless.
If these people and anyone else have made it Nigeria despite all these challenges, then what stops you?


You and only you can bring your dream to live, start up a plan, stick strictly to it, and start working in the direction of your dream everyday.
There is no excuse for failure, successful people don't make excuses; they make changes. I challenge you! Stand up on your feet and go into the world, and make your dream come to live. Don't
give up on your dreams, you are the next change the world is waiting for.

If you believe your dream is alive, let me hear you say "MY DREAM IS ALIVE".

Thanks for reading.
As written by Genius (menzo4u)
from Ogwuche Abel

Tips To Passing UTME Exam With High Scores

Exams are extremely stressful events in everyone's life, and the only way to deal with them satisfactorily is to be well-prepared, Motivation is an important
factor that would help you to study well for your exams. This is not an art or a big technique. It is as simple as your need to feed yourselves everyday.

Scoring a high mark in the UTME exam is not as difficult as most students think it is , it all depends on you ability to prepare well and heed to simple instructions. This tips will guide you on how to prepare well and achieve success in your UTME exam.

==>>Utilize the Early Morning Hours:

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.-Richard Whately

It has scientifically proven that our brains work at its best during the early morning hours. The freshness that you feel in the morning time, can be found nowhere in the rest of the day. During the morning,
you can study some subject whichever you feel is complicated, because the grasping power of the brain will be more during this time. The point is, once you gain confidence in a difficult subject, you
can easily go on with other subjects and excel without much effort.

Note: Don't try doing this, resting on your down comforter or trying to study beside someone who is having a good sleep in the early morning, because undesirable psychological effects can overtake you.

==>>Avoid Exam Anxiety/Overcome Your Fear :

One of the main reasons why students fail their UTME exams is because of FEAR! They're not really afraid of the exam itself, what they are actually afraid of is FAILURE!! They're afraid of the
consequences that awaits them if they fail they exam.
As a student , if you really want to pass the UTME exam , then you must overcome your fear!!. Look at the UTME exam as a roadblock between you and 10
million naira, remove that entity of fear in you and push that roadblock out of your way to glory!!

==>>Study Regularly/Everyday :

Researches has shown that 60% of nigerian students don't read , which has been one of the major reasons why the Nigerian education sector has continued to dwindle.
The brain can give out information ONLY when you input data in it , so the more you read the more knowledge you get and that improves your chances of
passing an exam. As a student , study hard and prepare well for your exam. Forget all the luxuries and focus more on inputting data into your brain!. Spend at least 4 hours of your day reading , read
according to JAMB's syllabus and focus more on areas where questions are most likely to come from.

==>>Associate Yourself with Good and
Hard-working People:

It is true that friends play a significant role in shaping your career. When you associate yourself with bad and irresponsible people who care the least about their education, it is likely that they may rub off on you. The positive waves from good and hard-working friends, will motivate you to study well.

==>>Answer Past Questions Regularly:

Its always good to know the area and mode at which questions are being set, Get past questions of the previous years and try to answer them. Get familiar
with their question asking pattern. Every past question has a 3/5 chance of been repeated. Doing this will help you a lot.

==>>Work More On Your Question Answering Speed :

You don't have all day to answer a question!. Jamb gives you limited time to answer a question ,therefore,it is essential for you to work on your question answering speed. On average you have about 60 seconds to spend on a question.Spending more than 60 seconds would slow you down and leave you lagging behind. Don't delay yourself on a
question , if you didn't get the answer to a question , skip it and move on to the next question. You can always go back to the ones you didn't do.

==>>Choosing The Right Answer/Option In The Multiple Choice Question :

This is where students fall into jamb's trap. The UTME exam is one of the most Tactical exams in nigeria. Its is very tactical but yet easy. The answers are somehow look a-likes. You have four options A B C D , and out of those 4 A And B looks Correct. The real answer is staring at you but you're too blind to
see it!. What do you do in this kind of situation?
If you've really prepared (read a lot) then it becomes easy for you. In this kind of situation , the first thing to do is to eliminate!! Eliminate the incorrect
answers and leave your self with the ones that are most likely to be correct. After that , look carefully at the options once more and try to relate them to the
question that was asked. You'd definitely find one that corresponds to your question , pick that one as your answer!!.


>>Procrastinate your course of study.

>>Keep your cell phones and other gadgets while you are studying. They consume all your time without your knowledge.

>>Get intimidated if your friends are running ahead of you.

>>Miss the lectures of good and efficient teachers.

>>Let anyone say that you cannot do it.
Thats all readers , hope you found this useful. You also need to have luck and you need to be PRAYERFUL!

from Ogwuche Abel

Friday, January 8, 2016

Things Life Will Teach Every Guy When He Leaves Campus

So many undergraduates, including those in their final year in school erroneously think that life on campus and life outside campus are same thing. Far from it!!! Life outside campus could just be a sharp
contrast to life on campus Foresight is better than Book of Proverbs says in the Holy Book, 'A wise man sees trouble on the way and hides himself but the foolish man sees it and walks into it'. The wise man will surely learn by foresight while the foolish man learns by hindsight...after he has entangled himself. Below are things life will teach you when you expire from the campus.

1) Life will teach you that creating a romantic relationship with a responsible lady is no longer based on your looks or swags but how stable you are financially, emotionally and religiously In school, you had it easy in getting Kemi to fall over
you, abi? You should even think like a grown man before you leave that Ivory Tower!

2) Life will teach you that it is good to work hard to get good grades but not putting all your hopes on degrees and being enterprising and creative is

3) Life will teach you that you should have the fun while it lasts but don't waste your precious time and future banking on relationships that might not see the light of the day after campus!

4) Life will teach you that those people you and your crew were referring to as 'dull and a nobody' might be very intelligent without you knowing. Don't be
surprise when you see them in later years in enviable positions in their respective careers! The Ukwuani people of Delta State say, 'Chiosa' means that destinies differ! Just because you are
close to some corrupt lecturers and they give out marks to you doesn't mean you should look down on everyone!!!

5) Life will teach you that your parents did a lot for you by sending you to school. If you allow heavy hips and water-melonic boobs (Abeg, whatever that means) to confuse, distract and mesmerize you, you
are on your own To see a child through higher institution in Nigeria today nor be bread and Akara o! If na lie I lie, go ask your palee for house!

6) Life will teach you that you should never have compared your life with that of the female. They are and will always be ahead of you in emotional maturity! They might get married before you even
think of rounding off your Youth Service Scheme!!!

7) Life will teach you that life, itself, has changed! If you feel you have been a salary earner by deceiving your parents for money back home with cooked-up stories, only to waste it on fruitless
things, you will surely get the message vividly when you discover that the cash doesn't come again. You'd need to get up and do something.

8. Life will teach you that you dated some nice girls who you would want for a wife just couldn't help losing them but you did because they are always readily available to be taken far more than you

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from Ogwuche Abel

Success Guide: How To Make 2016 A Awesome And Fulfilling Year

The difference between who you are in 2015 and who you will be in 2016 Is what you will do in the new year, practicing the same daily tasks and taking same
daily actions of last year will produce same result.

This year 2016 we believe to be our year of fulfillment and reward, this will be much easier and possible if only we do the things expected of us by God because He (God) only does miracles and not magic, so we are expected to open the floor first before we start getting his blessings.

This blog post is written in form of an advice and not really in a full article context but still very much interesting and helpful so enjoy as I discuss proven
ways you can make year 2016 a awesome and fulfilling year.

<b>Set Goals In 2016.</b>

Many people have said this to you, you have seen a lot of articles, Facebook post and blog post addressing this same point but the fact is you are yet to set goals for the year. You need to set goals in 2016 because you will have no options than to
succeed and fulfill those set Goals.
When you set goals you are setting a loud alarm that will also remind and remember you of where you ought to be, I know you have dreams you want to hit
it big in year 2016 but how do you plan to do that?
Don't tell me how just pick a pen and a book and write down those plans, set your goals short term and long term, set for this month of January, set for
the next 6months and also set for the whole year.

<b>Take More Of Action In 2016.</b>

In 2016 take more of actions than planning because small deeds done is better than great deeds planned, yeap it is truth that You have written down your
plans, dreams and vision for the year, the next step is to take the necessary action because It is not enough to set goals without trying as much to fulfill those
goals. Good decision are pretty good but dirty useless if we refuse to take actions on them. The only ways to fulfill your dream this year is to wake up from them and start doing something.

<b>Re-position Your Mind.</b>

In this year 2016 If we misuse our mind, our brain and our body will suffer, I also want you to remember that where ever you mind goes that's where you brain will follow. It is very important as a matter of fact it is a serious matter, your mind
controls everything you do, I want to tell you that there's no action I mean nothing you do in this world that you didn't first think about it conscious or unconscious, it is possible for you to say one thing and do another but it is not possible for you to think one thing and do another because before you do another you will conceive the thought first.
So in the year 2016 it is very important we re-position our mind for a awesome and fulfilling year, positive thought should be our habit.

<b>Start Something</b>

This is a new year and another better opportunity to start something new, either small or big just make sure you start something, I discover that the most
difficult part of it is to start and also it is the most important Part, never wait for the time when no one will find no fault in what you are doing because that time might never come, as a matter of fact such time doesn't exist and this is the problem of many people.

In the year 2016 the idea is to Start Small, Aim High and Grow Fast this is because Ability last longer than luck don't try and be lucky rather try and be able.

<b>Don't Stop Learning</b>

The most greatest tragedy that can happen to a man who want to succeed in life is to stop Learning, If you stop Learning you will stop growing, in this year 2016 make it as a mandate to increase your knowledge base, this is Because you are as rich as what you
know, learn new things everyday, no knowledge is a waste, that word is not just been said It's truth in fact every good knowledge is a blessing.

<b>Final Note.</b>

In 2016 Luck is not a factor. Hope is not a strategy and failure is not an option.
If you find this article interesting, helpful or funny, drop your comment and share with friend to help them make 2016 a fulfilling and awesome year.

This article was written by Kazeem Olabisi Benson of you can visit his blog for more nice articles.
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pause: Are you prepared to become very serious?

When I was a young entrepreneur just beginning to enjoy the first flashes of success in my business career, I befriended a very successful businessman from my homeland. Ariston Chambati was a towering figure in his day. He was the nearest thing I ever had
in those days to someone you would call a mentor today. He'd already gained international recognition and often travelled to international meetings, and
served on several international boards.
He would often say to me, "Master two things: your time, and finding the right person for a job. Get those two things right and you are on your way."
He was a "no-nonsense type" and he did not "suffer fools." If he invited you for a meeting, no matter what time of day, he would turn up on time and well dressed.

I will never forget how he once asked me to come see him late one Sunday evening. Arriving at his home, I found him dressed up and in his study. He never joked around and expected you to get to the point quickly.
After the meeting, I asked him why he went to such great lengths ahead of such a simple meeting, even with me. His response was well measured and serious.
He first explained to me a very painful experience he'd gone through on one of his business travels. Then he added: "Young brother (he always used a term of endearment in my mother tongue and I
always addressed him by a similar term, which means "senior brother"), you have the talent to go very far.Only remember this," he said, "Don't expect others to take you seriously when you are not
prepared to take yourself seriously. When you walk through that door, I want you always to know that I'm a serious person."
Those words still ring in my ears over what must be two decades now, as though that conversation took place only yesterday.

The men and women who are going to take Africa to the next level are those really prepared to become serious, very serious.

from Ogwuche Abel

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How To Stop Being Broke

The truth is that being broke is not an accident; it is a product of living in a certain way. It is okay to be broke once in a while, but to consistently find oneself
in the state of being broke is abnormal. Something is wrong somewhere that has to be fixed or adjusted. No matter what may be the cause of your being broke, I am sure that one or more of the points I suggested below will be of help to you.

CHANGE YOUR THINKING: You started life from dependency to independence. When you were young, you depend solely on what your parents provide for
you. Since your parents are the one responsible for your upkeep, you quickly shift blame to them anytime you have any financial problem. This kind of thinking has the likelihood of following you into adulthood. You believe certain persons are responsible for your being broke. For instance, you may blame the
government for not creating job, or your parents for not giving you a quality education. If you fail in business, you tend to blame certain factors that are
beyond your control. The first step in stopping being broke is by changing this kind of thinking. You have to stop engaging in the blame game, and accept total responsibility for your life. If you must be free financially, you must accept that you are responsible
for your being broke. Stop expecting factors outside your control such as uncles, aunties, parents, government, good luck etc to bail you out of your
financial predicament. When you put too much hope in these things, and your expectation is cut short, where you will find yourself is the state of depression
and frustration, and you will ultimately become sad.
When you accept total responsibility for your financial situation, you will find yourself in the position of power where you can take action that will help you turn the table in your favour, and if
otherwise, then be ready to remain where you have always being. Without accepting personal responsibility for your financial situation, every other step in this list will definitely be difficult to carry out , but if you can achieve this first step, then you are on the path of liberating yourself from being broke.

HAVE MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME: Some people find themselves in the state of being broke because they don't have sustainable source of income. If what you do for a living does not guarantee you steady income to meet your needs, then you will likely be broke at one point or the other. Also when you depend solely on one source of income as a means of solving your financially problem, you will likely find yourself in the state of being broke when that one stream of income fails. To avoid this, first you have to make sure that what you do to make money is viable enough to give you steady income, and second try as much as possible to create other streams of income which will serve as a back up when one stream fails. If you are a business person, what other business opportunities in the area of your business can you harness to
generate more income? No matter what you do for a living, you can create other streams of income. If you don't have the needed skill, go for the training. The
big question is what else can you do to make money beside your current source of income?

LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS: it has been said that "it is not how much you make but how much you keep that determines your financial future." This list will not be complete without adding this point. So many persons found themselves in the state of being broke not because they are not making enough money but they have refused to learn how to spend wisely. No matter how much you earn, if you are of the habit of not living below your means, you will always be broke. You have to learn to adjust your lifestyle and
spending to the kind of income you earn in such a way that you will always have some savings to meet emergency. If you spend all your money as they come, then you will never be free from being broke.

PLAN YOUR EXPENDITURE IN ADVANCE: To stop being broke, you need to live your life like an economist. Back in my secondary school days, I learned in economics what is called scale of
preference. A scale of preference is a list which shows your needs according to their importance. It is a fact that human wants are unlimited, so as result,
there is the need to always make a list of your most important needs according to their importance.
When you have this list, you will be able to spend your money on things that will bring more value to your life at certain time and not just spending money on unnecessary things. Planning your spending in advance will prevent you from the trap of impulse buying. You are expected to spend money on what
you need and not what you want.

DON'T COUNT YOUR EGGS BEFORE THEY ARE HATCHED: Sometimes you will be expecting certain amount of money to be paid to you, such money maybe gift, salary or wages. No matter what, it is
wise not to place 100% hope on any money you are expecting, because there is the likelihood of not getting the money as at when expected. There are cases where employers refuse to pay their employee for months without prior notice. I am also sure that
at one point or other, someone has promised to give you money and fail to fulfill his promise as at when due. So to put 100% hope on such money is to set
yourself up for being broke. Even when you are expecting money, you need to plan your finances in way that ensure that there is left over cash to cope in
case your expectation fails.

I am of the opinion that if you can act on the five points discussed in this post, you will always have cash with you to meet your financial needs.
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Monday, January 4, 2016

6 Mistakes You will Likely Make Between Age 20-30 As A Young Nigerian

6 Mistakes You will Likely Make Between Age 20-30 As A Young Nigerian
It is a general belief that experience is the best teacher. As true as this may sound, learning via experience has a lot of disadvantages. It is expensive to learn from experience. I learn as much as
possible from experience when life forced it on me, but I rather prefer to learn via evaluated experience by studying those who have gone ahead of me and learn from their successes and failures.
After taking a deep observation of the life of an average Nigerian, I discovered that majority of people are likely going to make the mistakes highlighted in this article and most of them have no
choice but to live with the consequences when they reach age 30. These mistakes include:
1; Thinking you are too young to achieve great things: Most Nigerian who are in their 20s are still pursuing their tertiary education, some will not even graduate until they reach their late 20s. In your 20s there is this tendency to think you are too young to pursue your dream. You will often feel you don't have experience and that people won't take your seriously. This mindset will make you defer some of
the things that would have speed up your success in life to a time you feel you will be competent to live your dream. The truth is that thinking you are too young to live your dream in your 20s is nothing but a limiting belief. Once you reach age 18, you are not too young to pursue any dream except where a higher age is required. People who made it big in their 30s started in their 20s. And if you are just waking up at 30, then you will be disappointed in yourself. You will regret wasting those precious years of your 20s by the time you reach age 30.
2;Focusing your life only on academics: In Nigeria formal education is overrated. The reason for this is because we have not been able to differentiate between education and academics. The object of
education is to help you understand your
environment, and learn how to adapt to it without constituting nuisance to others. Education also empowers you for success in every area of your life.
Academics on the other hand focuses on certificates or degrees. A person may have a degree but yet not educated. However academics can help to enhance
one's education.
The average Nigerian believe so much in the power of certificate and all his hope is bent on securing a good job after graduation through this certificate. In
order to achieve this end, he tend to put in all the possible efforts needed to get good grades. It is important to note that this formular of getting good grades to ensure a good job is no more valid in
today's world as we have graduates with first class who are not employed. In a situation where all your efforts was put into getting good grades without having a plan B for a situation where your certificate does not give you your dream job will only land you in regret, depression and frustration, which is the lot of so many Nigerian graduates today. TRUE EDUCATION PREPARES YOU TO SURVIVE WITHOUT YOUR CERTIFICATE.
To avoid this mistake, as you pursue your academic degrees, also find time to acquire some or at least
one vocational skill. There are many of them out there that can fetch you real money the moment you become an expert. If you have graduated from the tertiary institution and you don't have any vocational skill yet, it is not too late to acquire one.
3; Not working to earn an income: There is this tendency for you to rely solely on your parents for every dime you spend. All you are exposed to is how to spend money. This will put you in a position
where you don't know how difficult it is to make money. All you will have in mind is, as soon as you graduate, you will hit your dream job and you will be able to do what your parents or guardians are doing.
This kind of thinking is not always true. By the time you graduate and your dream job doesn't show up and have no option but to take care of yourself, then
you will wish you understood earlier how difficult it is to make money. This period will be the first time in your life when you will have a genuine appreciation for all the money your parents spent on
you. If you are currently relying on your parents for your up-keep and still in your 20s, then I say to you that you have not started living.
You can't afford to just be sitting at home eating, watching television, and hanging out with friends. Start doing something that can fetch you money. It may be a paid employment or personal business.
This will expose you to how difficult it is to accumulate money. The moment you know this by experience, you will begin to appreciate money and become wiser in the way you use it.
4;Thinking there is still time: Thinking you still have all the time in the world is one of the illusions of the 20s. You tend to live your life carelessly and spend your time on frivolities. However by the time
you hit 29, and moving towards your 30 birthday, you will begin to realize that you are no more a baby. You will realize you have been sleeping all this years if your achievement does not measure up with your age. It would be done on you for the first time that you no longer have time on your side. At this period you will wish you have done so many things in your 20s which you felt you were too young to accomplish.
5;Not equipping yourself with skills to survive in the real world: If you are not the discipline type, you will likely spend your 20s engaging in frivolous activities, which will prevent you from having a grasp of basic skills needed to survive in the real world.
Some of them include, ability to save money for a project, empathy, understanding, ability to delay gratification, and so on.
Also Young Nigerians who are academics oriented may end up spending their 20s pursuing only degree without any practical vocational skill that can
guaranteed them job after graduation. When the dream job doesn't show up, these youths tend to end up being underemployed, doing job they hate
out of no choice.
To avoid this mistake, as you pursue your academic degrees, also find time to acquire some or at least one vocational skill. There are many of them out there that can fetch you real money the moment you become an expert. If you have graduated from the tertiary institution and you don't have any vocational skill yet, it is not too late to acquire one. If you look around you, you will notice that most of the people who are making real money are not necessary those who are working with their certificates, but those who have answers to the problems of people around
them. Beside your certificate what problem can you solve for people and get paid for? If you don't have an answer, it is high time you identify major problems of the people around you, and proceed to
acquire vocational skill that can empower you to provide answer to such problem. The more problem you can solve, the more your capacity to make money. In zig ziglar's word ''you will have all that you
want if only you can help enough other people to get what they want.'' ONLY PEOPLE WHO DON'T HAVE SOLUTION TO OTHER PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS DIE IN POVERTY.
6;Not reading enough books: It has been said that if you want to hide something from an African, hide it inside a book. This tells about how poor our reading culture as Africans is. One of the major problems the average Nigerian will make in his 20s
is not reading enough books. We are all born into this world without a manual, all that we know and that we will know are all products of learning. The 20s is a time of preparation for the future ahead and
reading good books will definitely assist you in your preparation. Reading good books will expose you to the life time investigation of those who have gone
ahead of you. Learning from their experience is the best way to learn. Reading good books will enable you to begin from where previous generation left off. It is important to note that every form of success has its own governing principles. Books will expose you to the principles that govern the kind of success
you desire. As an African most of the things you were indoctrinated to believe while growing are myths, only reading and critical thinking can help you flush those erroneous beliefs out of your mind.
If you don't read enough books in your 20s, then you are an accident waiting to happen . Every youths in his 20s is expected to have a full grasps of the
principles that govern money, relationship and success generally. This can only be achieved by reading books that teach the principles governing
them. There are millions of them out there. I want to suggest here that as a Nigerian in your 20s that if you have not read the books I am going to list below
or the ones related to them, then you are probably not ready for life. The books include the following:
-Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill,
-7 strategies for wealth and Happiness by Jim Rohn,
-The richest man in Babylon by George S.Clason,
-Rich dad, Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki,

-Why you act the way yo do by Tim Lahaye,
-7 habits of highly effective people by
Stephen covey,
-The science of getting rich by Wallace
-From poverty to power by James Allen, As a man thinketh by James Allen,
-Acres of diamond by Russell Conwell and many more.
These suggested books contains timeless truth of how things work in this life and reading and acting on the content will help save you from so many mistakes you would have made in life if you have not read them.
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Welcome to Ogwuche Abel's Blog

After a great deal of Thinking,Reading and Learning I decided to create this Blog not Just for creating sake but to enable me share and pass out things I have learnt that I felt other youths should learn also.

Before I continue let me quickly Introduce myself, I'm Ogwuche Abel Ofuoweicho, I hail from Benue state Nigeria, I am a Lover of music mostly Rnb,Blues and Reggae,and I play the piano keyboard. With that being said I believe you now have a basic idea of who I am now.

So like I said before my main intention for creating this page is to enlighten my fellow youths about things that we don't know or things we know and we don't take serious. Though most of what I will Publish here might be what I copied or culled out of other peoples Articles/ book but it won't change my purpose/intention which is to pass out quality messages, which I believe we the youths of this generation needs and I will always give credits to the original Authors.

Thanks for reading and once again welcome to my page. - Ogwuche Abel Ofuoweicho.
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